«As we often repeat among ourselves, it’s a story to tell to our grandchildren.»
Jorge Conde Rendeiro, Business Development & Telemarketing Manager – MetLife Iberia

«The Brands Like Bands Festival is a powerful source of motivation for organizational identity and reputation.»
Filipa Castanheira – Professor of Human Resource Management // Nova School of Business and Economics, UNL

«I loved it… A very successful initiative and, from what I could see, well organized, as well.
Everyone wins, companies, employees, supported institutions, etc. This initiative deserves more visibility than the one that already has. And lives up to some of the most important principles of an Organizational Culture: Collaboration, Authenticity, Happiness, Friendship, and informal relationships between colleagues»
Tiago Brandão // Human Resources Director at Super Bock Group, 2017

«Through The Brands Like Bands Festival, brands celebrate what they have best: their people, showing that they can combine the personal with the professional, feeding their dreams with the passion that takes them further. It’s with this passion that Ivity Brand Corp supports this initiative, linking poetry to the economy so that together we can turn this Portugal into a Great Portugal»
Carlos Coelho // CEO at Ivity Brand Corp & Portuguese Mask

«I’m an unconditional supporter of this initiative. I’ve encouraged CMVM (The National Securities Market Commission) employees to music because I believe that is a factor for personal and professional development.»
Carlos Tavares – The National Securities Market Commission Ex. President now Chairman at Caixa Económica Montepio Geral

«With the Brands Like Bands Festival, an internal enthusiasm was generated with the mobilization of colleagues, families, and friends, to attend our concert. Essentially, we confirmed that this project reinforced the employees’ sense of belonging and pride in our Brand.»
Dora Silva, Account Manager at Ericsson

«We consider that the organization of the Brands Like Bands Festival was extremely professional, helping to guarantee the conditions for our performance resulting in a moment where everyone was a winner: the band, the festival, and the public.»
Mário Benvindo Ribeiro – Retail Department at NOS