Mucho Love & Landing J’s

When the love for what you do surpasses your day-to-day work, you gotta do something with it, right? We decided to bring it to life by showing our music and that’s how Mucho Love was born.

Mucho Work was one of the first names of Landing.Jobs – and what better than to mix work and love to show what we do?
Landing.Jobs’ mission is to reshape the future of work. We aim to improve the journey of tech professionals—from landing a job, learning and getting paid, to deciding where to go and when to begin.

We’re talent-centric career enablers, providing empowering opportunities for our tech talent community while unlocking bureaucracies and networking.
We match people with companies, today with the future… And now, we will match people with our music.
We prepared a special music selection (for all tastes) and are ready to rock it. Let’s spread Mucho Love with the world.