Lerojam, a recent band with old soul musicians that get together for the sake of music. We aim to let our mark and let this performance be the beginning of something bigger. The band is composed by:

Angie – Main Vocalist; Angie started to perform at a very young age however it was with15 that she began to perform for a big audience. She already participated in several projects since then.

Vitor – Main Vocalist; Vitor started to perform at the age of 16, since then he participated already in several musical project and also composed some original songs;

Samuel – Pianist and Back-vocals; Samuel started in the music industry at the age of 10, when he entered the Conservatory of Music. He has a huge musical background being also a composer and music producer;

Cássio – Bassist, Guitarist and Back-Vocals; Cássio is a independent music producer influenced by Folk ,Rock and Roll and Brazilian Music and participated already in several projects

Gonçalo – Violinist; Gonçalo was classically trained in age Conservatory of Music and  is a modern violin player, composer and producer with a particular taste for electronic and alternative pop music.

Fábio – Drummer; Fábio started to play Drums at the age of 12, joying many bands since high school with different styles and having also performed for several audiences in live concerts;